Wednesday, 21 November 2012

rocky road

A few little paintings I've been working on lately. They're available through THE DESIGN KIDS

Indian summer

since you've been gone

So it's been a while... I think maybe it's about time that we made a change to that.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Love stories...

You know that type of film you walk out of with an undeniable urge to tell strangers that the world is a beautiful place, Beginners is that type of film. Our story follows Oliver (Ewan McGregor) on a metaphorical game of hide and seek with love. Oliver is dealing with first the rediscovery, and then the loss of his father, Hal (Christopher Plummer), the meeting of new love through Anna (Melanie Laurent) and a conflicting past which imposes itself upon his current emotional stability. Written and directed by Mike Mills it is no wonder this poetic film has the capacity to intertwine audiences within its imagery, the intimate moments he creates seem to reach out to the unconscious threads within our own minds... "You spend your whole life wanting a lion, then a giraffe comes along and says it wants to spend the rest of its life with you. You're going to take the giraffe".

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Waiting on Yesterday is an ongoing project initiated by myself in order to re-locate Craft and Craftsmanship within modern communities. The project hopes to identity Craft and the practice of workmanship as sustaining pathways for our futures through a revival of past skill and a series of new strategies that hope to work towards building, for us, a viable way of being in the years to come. The initiative values traditions of the past and cultural, hoping to deconstruct these into new hybrid practices that are realistically applicable to the ways in which we live today.

NEAT THREADS is the first campaign developed under the project ‘Waiting On Yesterday’. An educational campaign designed to empower denim as our saving grace, based around strategies for clothes rationing introduced during WWII, the program hopes to suggest refreshed patterns of repair, and longevity within our wardrobes as more intelligent pathways into the future. Also attempting to create an awareness of our own damaging habits and misunderstandings, the campaign links modernity's constructed proposals of cleanliness to denim sub-cultures and suggests these revised patterns of care and wearer/garment relationship as progressive approaches to clothing.
Stay tuned for more info on this initiative as well as ways to get yourself involved ~