Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Reform- Sydney Design 2011

Thanks to Sydney Design the average student is spoilt for choice when it comes to current inspirational design initiatives this week.
As an exercise in fairness (all in the name of design research), I attempted to pack as many exhibitions as I could into the space of a day- leading me on a winding quest from Zetland to Paddington only to take two steps backward in the direction of Ultimo.
Surprisingly, the highlight of this marathon arrived early into my day.
Reform is the culmination of a project undertaken by Sydney design studio The fortynine. Here, the collective repurposes and redefines objects of perceived lesser value (primarily as a result of damage or age). The project proves an exercise in urban futuring and suggests ways in which re-appreciation and appropriation of the old can establish new, sustaining future pathways. By far the most successful outcome of the Sydney Design 2011 festival, Reform harnesses the collective craftsmanship of designers Lauren, Ben, Carly, Sarah and Harriet and firmly establishes the rise of the new artisan.

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